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La Sauvette

The New Yorker article I mentioned a while ago sent me on an interesting journey. Its subject, Steidl Verlag, a German publisher of quality art and photography books, is also the focus of a documentary film, “How to Make a … Continue reading

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More Lou Carr…

I couldn’t sleep one night a while ago and went to my study and looked for something to read. I took down Jack Kerouac‘s Vanity of Duluoz, which I inherited from my father, Ted Oster. Inside I found a piece of … Continue reading

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One more thing about my Florida trip…

In a used bookstore in St. Augustine, I found a copy of Thomas Merton’s The Sign of Jonas. As I’ve written,  it was on my first visit to Mepkin in 2014 that I first read Merton’s The Seven-Storey Mountain. Jonas is a … Continue reading

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That said…

It’s a new day today. The earlier post, despite its 25 May date, was written on 24 May. Later on 24 May, I wrote, on my MacBook Pro, the following: “Have you always been here?” The doorman or guard or … Continue reading

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Joseph Beuys

A New Yorker article about the German photography book publisher Gerhard Steidl quoted the artist Joseph Beuys: “The mistake has already begun when someone seeks to buy a stretcher and canvas.” I know almost nothing about Beuys, who according to … Continue reading

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Na Mionna

The months of the year in Irish: Eanáir (an er) – January, is a borrowing from Latin, as are janvier (French), enero (Spanish), januar (German). Feabhra (fow ruh) – February, is analogous with fevrier, febrero, februar (I know German isn’t a romance language; it’s a language I know … Continue reading

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News from Ireland

If you read that Ireland’s prime minister plans to resign, you’ll want to know: Fine Gael (feen uh gayle) = Irish Family Fianna Fáil (fee ahn uh foyle) = the Fianna were mythological bands of warriors, led by Fionn Mac … Continue reading

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